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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  November 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this of iowa's finest has been laid to rest - and now law enforcement are getting ready to say goodbye to another one of their brothers today. the big extension for flooding victims to get federal assistance. plus - it's election day in america - how the candidates arus
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welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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happening in just a few hours from now - urbandale police officer justin marti to rest this morning - in his hometown of rock-well city. city.the time symbolizes his badge number - 11-40 - which the urbandale police department's retired in his memory. yesterday - a visitation was held for officer martin at calhoun middle school.scott greene's accused of ambushing and and murdering martin last week - while he sat in his squad car. just minutes later - police say greene assassinated sargeant anthony beminio - also sitting in his squad car
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sergeant beminio served in the des moines police department for many years.yesterday - family - friends and iowa's finest gathered to pay their last respects to the iowa city west high grad. 2 news statehouse reporter steffi lee, was there. there. steffi: a somber yet touching tribute as hundreds gathered to pay their final respects to sgt. tony beminio.a stream of law enforcement cars drove down jordan sot: jane potthoff 03:12:28:13 "we support you -- we feel your pain -- we share your pain."as the community and even the youngest of iowans stood in solidarity - for a fallen hero. sot: chief wingert 11:46 if god could handcrafta&he would look just like tony."moments before the funeral procession -- des moines police chief dana wingert had no shortage of praise for sgt. tony beminio. sot: chief wingert 11:46 tony wasn't just good - he was just great - tony truly cared. people filled overpasses as they watched the procession go
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lutheran procession go from lutheran church of hope to glendale cemetery - sgt. beminio's final resting place. nat pop 03:14:37:21 "this one wants to be a policeman when he grows up."terry brauch is a retired police officer and wanted his grandsons to feel the bond of the men and women in blue.sot: terry brauch 03:15:06:23 "there's nothing like the support of the policemen when a tragedy happens and to have all these people come out too watched - with her father on her mind.he was a police officer for two decades in arizona.sot: kathy karpinen 03:18:40:17 "it's very emotional -- thinking about the families of these fallen officers -- their police community and just the public." but even through an emotional time - iowans know how to come together.sot: chief wingert 11:45 tragic news - transformed into a call of acti.
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more than a thousand officers from across iowa and beyond traveled to central iowa for that funeral.some corridor departments were kind enough to share a few of their images with us. us.first - take a look at this from cedar rapids shows the incredible escort sargeant beminio received for his final journey. journey.c-r-p-d also shared this picture of their representatives at the funeral. funeral.finally - the marion police department took a group photo.their post the parking lot - filled with police cruisers from every corner of the state, saying goodbye to one of their own. that's steffi lee far thisyear - 52 police officers have been shot and killed. and of course there have been a number of investigations into police cond. conduct...but law enforcement agencies made their plea to students at mount mercy university last night.eight various agencies explained their qualifications and how graduating students can get
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going to take good people to improve the current reputation of law enforcement. "currently i do see a lot of issues that are happening today with law enforcement but honestly i feel like a lot of those issues are just put under a microscope and i feel like if you think about it, there's a lot more crime that's happening today than issues with police." police."cedar rapids police department will soon be hiring - in fact they'retaking applications next week. after several months - of rallies - debates and controversies, the polls open in just a few hours here in iowa -but overnight - both candidates held mid-night rallies - kicking off election day events in battleground states.and both candidates will watch election results tonight in new york city - 0just miles away from each other.our first numbers will start to come in about 6 our time tonight - that's when polls along the east coast start closing. and before final official
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predictions are also being made.nate silver - who runs the website five-thirty-eight dot com has good odds historically--not only in picking the winner for president- but picking the winner in each state.right now - he gives democrat hillary clinton a 69-percent chance of winning the 270 electoral votes needed to donald trump has a 32-percent chance.right now - silver has trump taking the hawkeyes state. things get even tighter in the race for control of the u-s sena democrats strong odds to regain control - republicans right now have a slight edge. as you can see - pollsters give red iowa senator chuck grassley a strong chance of earning a seventh term.this is important because the party who controls the senate - can control confirmation hearings on cabinet members - and supreme court justices. a question on the minds of a lot of iowans - which way will our state swing this year?
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stephanie johnson is live where voters will be casting ballots in just two hours, stephanie? hey jenee--i'm here at my polling location--st.pius catholic church. iowa - for decades - has been a purple state. for several years - iowans normally vote for democratic presidents but usually have a good mix in other offices.if donald trump wins the hawkeye state, he would be the second g-o-p candidate to win iowa since ronald regan of today trump was leading in the polls and experts beleive this year - our colors will run a little more red than blue. obviously we'll find out that answer here in a matter of hours - when the polls close tonight. in cedar rapids---stephanie johnson--- back to you of course - we will be here all day and night watching the
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them with you.polls here in iowastay open until nine tonight.when they close - you can watch our live coverage of the results right here on the fox 28 news at nine.and look for updates throughout the day on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. some good news now for flood victims in eastern iowa. iowa.governor branstad extended a state disaster declaration for more than two dozen counties.that means state assitance for ar anamosa - independence - waterloo and cedar falls - will now be available through december seventh.those seeking financial help can reach out to the iowa department of human services. developing right now across eastern iowa. iowa.many of you received an unusual text message on your phone yesterday 2 news received a number of calls from viewers who got a wireless emergency alert.iowa homeland security and emergency management say there
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did not come from them,iowa - along with several other states - are now working to determine how the false alert got sent out to mobile carriers. in iowa city - -a dedication for the new university of iowa children's hosital is scheduled for friday.more than 10-thousand people got the chance to tour the state-of-the-art facility this weekend.the 360-million dollar hospital has 14 floors and more than 100 patient room a prosecutor now asked i-s-u police to investigate a flight that took the school president to a north carolina town - where he owns a home. home.the story county attorney received a complaint questioning president steven leath's trip - accusing him of an illegal personal trip.this happened back on march 12-th. the unviersity says leath had scheduled meetings there.
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degrees.up next - potential outcomes of this election can be stressful to some voters -
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today the 20-16 election finally comes to a close.and many voters on both sides of the aisle report strong feelings of anxiety and fear about the outcome. outcome.doctors say if politics keeps you up at night - you are not alone.roxana saberi gives you tips you can take to calm down your election stress. stress. (vo annie and jaymee)annie say their first presidential election has been extremely stressful.(rox question on cam @123440)what form does your stress take?(annie montrose) it's like a big headache that's just over and over again that just keeps coming on because you just hear the same things over and over again. (vo candidates or generic street shot?)they're not alone.(gfx 1: election stress - source: american psychological assn.)the american psychological association found more than half of voters surveyed say the presidential election is a significant source of concern. (vo asim shah)psychiatrist asim shah says that can lead
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baylor college of medicine @2:54 - cut down as needed.)a person may have uncontrollable worry, uncontrollable anxiety, uncontrollable feara& of what happens if a or b loses.(vo generic crowd shots)for many voters, the contentious hillary clinton-donald trump battle is causing more stress than past races.(rose tilson / brooklyn @115924 - 1 shot) literally a knot in my stomach. i feel an ulcer coming on.(sot curtis langdon / new jersey @120959)we are severely divided as a nation and that concerns me anymore than anything else.(vo / nat of candidates arguing)(gfx?) psychiatrists suggest you take frequent breaks from social media.. go foral political debates with family and friendsa&(sot dr asim shah @approx 5:45)we need to be careful about discussing results of the election with people not on our sidea&. because that starts arguments. in some cases, medication may be recommended.. but doctors say cutting back on election headlinesa&may just do the trick.roxana saberi, for cbs
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it's now on this morning.and if you're in it's degrees. in sports - how the hawkeyes are prepping for one of the best teams in college football. football. score? i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they? really? i'll take it. sir, your credit... -is great right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i'd better check my credit score.
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all right. no more surprises.
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here's a look at some of the other things going on around eastern iowa on this morning... right now - the cedar rapids police protective charity is raising money for their upcoming shop with a cop event next allows about 100 kids - hats - gloves and toys for the holiday season.donations can be made online.for that link - visit our website cbs-2-iowa-dot-com. iowa hospitals jumped a full letter grade over the last year. the 2016 premature birth report card gives iowa a "b". that means - only nine-percent of iowa babies are born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. last year cbs 2 news repoted iowa
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birth is the leading cause of death for newborns. november is prematurity awareness month and november 17th is world prematurity day it's a battle of bottom dwellers in the big twelve - and for iowa state - it's a big game - the cyclones are traveling to kansas this week - and this - is their best chance to get a conference win this season... the jayhawks give up over 200 yards a game on the ground - and the three-headed beast on saturday - on matt campbell's newest depth chart - mike warren, david montgomery, and ke-nay new-wan-goo are all listed as co-starters.. we've got three guys that are doing things at a really positive rate for us - i think you can look at video clips of all our guys - there's some positive things that they've done - i'm a guy that - i love competition - i wish we had more of it on our team - if we did - i think we'd be a better football team after saturday's
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feeling deflated - or defeated - or with all the injuries - even depleted - but they need to move past that quickly - because some bad boys are coming to town this weekend... jim harbaugh's michigan wolverines are coming into kinnick as a 21-point favorite - some may say - if iowa keeps it close - that's a moral victory - but the hawks have more pride than that... just being close isn't good enough - it's not in big ten football - and it never will be - so that's something that we need to take a big step looking forward to getting back on the field against michigan this week one of our goals is to protect kinnick - get a win there - we're going up against another ranked team - top ten team - it's gonna be a challenge - we just got to step up to the plate and get a win.u-n-i earned a big win on saturday - with a little help from prairie alum jalen rima - the true freshman wideout caught a 40-yard pass in the game - his third straight game with a catch - but his biggest impact came on special teams - rima took a 94 yard punt return back to the house - and that's
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good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in coming up, it's finally election day and some polls have already closed.find out who has an early lead - next.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...polls have officially opened ?and closed. what candidate has a very early lead. the presidential candidates make their final pitches on why they should be elected today at rallies overnight. plus - a tragic update -to
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lamp-post in downtown iowa city last week after the cubs world series victory. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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the first election results are in this morning, donald trump is waking up with an early lead.the polls in three tiny new hampshire towns have already closed and tallied their votes. votes.the towns of dixville notch - hart's location and millsfield - opened their
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ballots in before bed.early this morning - donald trump gained 32 votes - over hillary clinton's 25.dixville notch has been voting at midnight in every election since 1960. in linn county - a few more votes are already in. yesterday - one-thousand one-hundred and twenty-three voters got their ballots in early. auditor joel miller says that's a new record. the last early voter left the booth at 7-09 last night. for all of iowa - 300- of iowa's two-point-one million voters point-one million voters got their ballots in early. eyes will be on more than just the presidential election - we're watching which way the senate will swing. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is live to explain why? why?stephanie?
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polling location--st.pius catholic church. aside from the presidential race-- the fight to control the senate will also be close tongiht. tongiht.according to a poll by the des moines register - a majority of people expect the poltical gridlock will stay the same in washington.looking at the senate - republicans hold a slight advantage - but democrats only need six seats to flip the script. script.for right now - only time will tell--- - chuck grassley and patty judge are running for the seat held by grassley for the past few decades. and in the last poll - grassley held a large cedar rapids-- stephanie johnson --back to you both hillary clinton and donald trump trumpare now making their final pitches to american voters who haven't already cast their ballots.they held dueling midnight rallies in battleground states - clinton in north carolina and trump in
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turn red by tonight.those rallies lasted well into the morning hours. donald trump: "trump: "did you ever think you'd be hearing a major speech like at around close to one o'clock in the morning? are we crazy?" crazy?"hillary: "we don't have to accept a dark and defensive vision for america, tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful conclusive america." just this morning - hillary clinton landed in new city.both her and donald trump will be there tonight as the election finally comes to a close. across the country in 28 states - more than 500 people from the justice department will help monitor polls today. today.state and local governments are mainly responsible for elections -but the civil rights division of the justice department - enforce federal voting laws. iowa is ?not one of the states that will see any federal poll watchers.other polling
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heavy police presence.they beefed up security - after recent reports that terror groups might be planning a possible attack. cbs 2 news is learning new details about the man who fell from a light pole - during a cubs celebration in iowa city last w. week.friends tell cbs 2 news - 21-year-old kyle leeney passed away yesterday.leeney was celebrating the cubs' world series win early thursday morning when he fell from the top of a lightpole he climbed in the pedmall.first responders say leeney suffered serious head injuries.he was taken to university of iowa hospitals and clinics where he died on monday. months after a tipton toddler was -- --treated for severe head trauma - the child's father is now charged with multiple counts of child endangerment. 26-year-old zachary hayes was taken into custody on monday.. if convicted - he faces up to 50 years in prison. a mount vernon teacher -- --is the focus of an investigation, ?now in the
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cbs 2 news - mount vernon school officials read a ?letter to students about the cbs2 news reached out to the school.they tell us police ?are looking into allegations of misconduct against el-ysotillo sotillo is now on paid administrative leav. a ?statment - district leaders say they remain diligent in protecting students and adults at the school. the second of two police officers killed last week in des moines - will be laid to rest this funeral for urbandale police officer justin martin starts today in his hometown of rockwell city at 11-forty. 11-forty.yesterday - thousands of officers - friends and family members said goodbye to des moines officer tony beminio.his funeral was in west des moines - beforehand - several law enforcement vehicles drove in a procession down jordan creek parkway. police chief dana wingert praised sargeant beminio - as a model officer.
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perfect officer, inside and out... he would look just like " tony."you can watch officer martin's funeral services on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com.again it starts at 11-forty this morning. two police departments in johnson county are searching for new leadership.both coralville and iowa city police departments want to hear from you ?before they make a final decision. search is just beginning.the department is still accepting applications.they hope to have a new chief by late january. iowa city narrowed thier search to three candidates. residents can meet them this thursday evening at the senior center.the city manager hopes to give a recommendation to the council december sixth. geoff fruin, iowa city manager 18:21:29 "someone that can provide some leadership, not only in the department, but in the community. someone that can navigate through what have
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over the last few years." years."iowa city leaders say they are looking for community feedback on their candidates. coralville says they will also have an open house. later this week in marion - city leaders will celebrate the completion of the 7-th avenue and 7-th street round-about project.'s expected to be fully open to traffic following a brief ceremony. construction began back in march.a ribbion cutting ceremony will be held at 4- on intersection of 6-th avenue and 7-th street.the project was funded through a million dollar grant from the iowa d-o-t. a traffic alert to tell you about in iowa city. city.starting today - drivers heading toward downtown will have to follow a detour starting at mayflower. at that point - drivers will funneled into one lane on the right side of dubuque. the detour is a little less than half a mile long at which point traffic will go back to normal. no word on how long the detour
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a new report has iowa senator chuck grassley doubling down on epi-pen maker mylan. it states the defense department overpaid millions of dollars to the company for epi-pens because of a classification error. the money the defense department used came from taxpayers. senator grassley is now calling on mylan to reimburse those payments. school leaders in iowa city are asking for your two cents. tonight - they'll set a hearing on future school 2020. on november 22nd - parents are asked to weigh in on the coming changes - details of which will be released beforehand. also at tonight's meeting - the board of directors will talk about several of the large construction projects including millions of dollars of work on a new ten-classroom transitional school house it's and right now in it's de.
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ballot when you head to the
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last year you might remember a rising politcal star announcing his campaign for presidency here in iowa: deez nutz.but sadly today - he wont be on the ballot. ballot.ashley hanley catches
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nutz for president - and explains how he was forced to drop out of the race. race. last august during the primary season, then 15-year-old brady olson of wallingford, iowa was fed up with the presidential race.olson says, "i can't describe that, it has been a free fall."as his worst nightmare came true as hillary clinton and donald trump became the nominees.olson says, "you kind of knew it was gonna happen in the back of your mind, but you were still hoping there's a way of this, right, we've got a chance two days to go. it's looking like we are stuck with these candidates, for better or for worse....but through this journey of the political important lesson in civics.olson says, "i almost became a felon for something that took 10 minutes and i did not lie past the name."that's right, the federal election commission sent out a letter calling for brady or deez nuts to withdraw
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officially filed out all of the paperwork to become a candidate.olson says, "they never asked me what country i was from, they never asked me how old i was, that's their fault."but he did withdraw, ending his bid for president. "i almost lost voting rights before i could vote."all joking aside, america truly is a place where (almost) anyone can grow up to be president.oh and by the way, brady says he'd like to run for congress so
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning...and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.coming up - what will happen to the president's social media accounts after the election.we'll tell you
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no matter the outcome of today's election - we do know one thing - the keys to the president's online image ?will be handed over. president obama is considered to be the first social media president.he's used facebook, youtube, snapchat - and we can't forget his twitter account - at potus. we know now - when he moves out of the white house - the social accounts will stay for the new president to use.all the accounts will keep the current followers but the timelines will be fresh. president obama's archived tweets will then be saved on a new handle - at potus 44. meanwhile, facebook is under fire this morning. a new lawsuit filed claims that facebook gives advertisers the option to exclude racial
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pro-publica announced details when it published an add on said it was given the option to exclude certain ethnic groups from seeing the advertisement. facebook says its policies prohibit using its' multicultural target marketing to discriminate. today in johnson county - local bakers and chefs will be able to learn more about new options to work in professional environments. environments.1105 project kitchen offers kitchen space for rent on an today anyone looking to take advantage of that space - can learn more about how to sign open house will be from 3-thirty to 7 at 11-05 gilbert court in iowa city. it's right now it's degrees in still to come - there are big projects coming to one of the corridor's main arteries.find out when you could see big
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travelling on i-380 is just part of getting around the corridor.the department of transportation is about to
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dollars on improvements to the busy 2 news anchor kelly d'ambrosio talked with d- o-t officials to - better understand these improvements and get some projected start dates. dates. carol (schmeenkee) schminke has been a driver for the eastern iowa airport shuttle service for more than 16 years. even though she's never been late to drop off or pick up a driver, i've always gotten everyone to the airport on time.the traffic on i380 is an obstacle she battles every day. are coming and going from iowa city to cedar rapids and north liberty is always getting backed up. the iowa department of transportation knows carol isn't the only one affected by the traffic. here's a problem getting into the other lane. cathy cutler, the transportatio n planner for iowa dot, says there are three big improvements coming. coming.starting in 2018 an interchange will be created at forevergreen road, this is a road in between north liberty
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work on this first so that later when there is construction on 380 they can reroute traffic to this new path.the second improvement will start in 2019.they'll replace all loop ramps on the 80/380 interchange with whats called turbine ramps. ramps.this will be kinda a stacked interchange so everybodys on a bridge flying over eachother.this area has frequent crashes because of the weaving that happens when drivers try to get on and off 380. theres 23 brand new bridges which is why thi so expensive what that allows us to do is stack those ramps. so if people are familiar with the 380 south to 30 east thats a directional ramp so you just keep going and merge into traffic you don't have to loop around and weave.the new ramps allow vehicles to keep a faster speed to more easily merge into traffic. right now the loop ramps cause drivers to slow down to about 25 miles per hour and experts say its especially hard for semis to regain that 65 mile an hour driving speed.the third step
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from i-80 through the new forevergreen road interchange on i-380. this four lane road will become six lanes.'ll be a 5 year continuous project. they'll be a lot of construction in the area. a lot of construction, but for drivers like carol, it'll be worth it in the end. end. kinda like any of the road projects they'll be nice when they're done but they're a pain when they're working on help your commute during this time, the iowa d-o-t is creating resources like quick commuter buses, ride shares and a program called highway helper.go to can use these resources. another area i-dot is looking to change into 6 lanes is from iowa city to west branch. no date is set on this improvement, it is still in the planning 2 news/fox 29 news will also help you stay ahead of your commute every day and all through these improvements. join the cbs2-fox28 corridor
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if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in coming up - the new deadline for some flood victims - to get federal recovery funds.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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